Cassopolis Ross Beatty High School

Cassopolis Ross Beatty High

22721 Diamond Cove Street, Cassopolis, MI 49031

School Number: 269-445-0540
Fax Number: 269-445-3112

Our Vision

The staff of Cassopolis Ross Beatty High School believes that the school exists to produce responsible citizens who can successfully function in an ever-changing society. We are committed to upholding positive academic and behavior standards within a safe learning environment, which will encourage our students to develop self-respect and to reach their highest potential.

Instructional Day

Regular Day
7:35 am – 2:20 pm

Half Day
7:35 am – 10:50 am

Two Hour Delay
9:35 am – 2:20 pm

To report an absence, call
(269) 445-0540

Front Office Hours
Monday – Friday
7:00 am – 3:30 pm

School Counseling Office Hours
Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 3:30 pm

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Building Administration

Rachele Ward
Ms. Rachele Bogue-Ward
Assistant Principal

Ms Smith, CHS Front Office Secretary
Mrs. Kerry Smith
Building Secretary
(269) 228-5833

Chris Bergen
Mr. Chris Bergen
(269) 445-5712

School Counseling Office Staff

Mrs. Foster, School Counselor
Mrs. Chriss Foster
School Counselor
(269) 445-0534
Mrs. Hawryszkow School Counselor Secretary/Athletic Secretary
Mrs. Heidi Hawryszkow
School Counselor Secretary
Athletic Secretary
(269) 445-0533