Severe Weather Procedures

What to do in case of bad weather
Posted on 04/10/2024
Severe Weather Procedure decorative icon Each school year brings the possibility of severe weather. Cassopolis Public School officials want parents to be aware of the severe weather procedures that are already in place for our district.

During severe weather watches and warnings, Cassopolis Public Schools works with local authorities to monitor conditions and makes safety decisions accordingly.

In the event of Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Watches, we will continuously monitor the weather conditions while proceeding with school as usual.

In the event of a Tornado Warning, students and staff will be directed to take shelter in designated areas of safety.

For the safety of our students, staff and yourself, we request that parents do NOT come to the school to pick up their child during a Tornado Warning. The safest time to pick up your child for everyone will be after the severe weather has passed.