Student Handbook

Dress Code

Pre page 14 of our District Handbook, the following guidelines will be used by building principals to determine what action will be taken relative to student dress.

  1. Clothing, patches, buttons, jewelry, bags and any other personal items should be appropriate.  Any item containing or depicting obscenity, profanity, weapons, offensive messages of race and religion, ads for illegal substances, alcoholic beverages, or symbols found to be disruptive to the educational environment are not acceptable.

  2. Jewelry or body adornments considered to be disruptive or dangerous are not acceptable. Any accessories such as chains, spikes or jewelry that could be detrimental to the safety and/or welfare of other persons will not be permitted.

  3. Revealing, sheer, and/or low-cut clothing are not allowed. All shirts, tank tops, and/or blouses must cover a minimum of half of each shoulder and the entire torso.  Shirts such as tank tops, camis, undershirts and mesh shirts cannot expose the bare midriff.

  4. Hats, sunglasses, hoods, winter scarves, bandanas, sweatbands, and other headgear cannot be worn inside the building during the school day except for religious purposes..  

  5. Shorts and skirts must be within an inch of the student’s fingertips when the student’s arms are extended by his/her legs.

  6. Significantly torn or altered clothes, with primary focus on holes or tears above the knees, are not allowed if skin is exposed or above a similar level as stated in #5 or described in #3.

  7. Sagging pants riding below the waist that may expose skin or any garment worn under the pants are not allowed.  

  8. Coats or lined jackets are to be left in lockers, not worn to class.

  9. Book bags, backpacks, purses and duffels are to be left in lockers/cubbies.

  10. Excessive make-up, costumes, or accessories that are distracting to instruction are not allowed.

  11. Any other item or appearance deemed inappropriate by administration.