Sam Adams Elementary Curriculum

Curriculum Information

Art Expressions

Students K-6 will have the opportunity to express their creativity through Art and Creative Writing.  This class will provide students with the skills to develop their artistic abilities through “hands-on” art activities that relate to their creative writing, which is aligned to the Common Core.

Title I Reading and Math

Sam Adams students will be given additional information in Reading and Math this year by two highly qualified teachers. This instruction will focus on Tier II Interventions for K-6 students that are struggling with skills in the Common Core Curriculum. Title I will be an extension of the classroom with a small group and one-on-one support.

31a Reading and Reading Recovery

In addition to providing 31a reading support, SAES also utilizes two teachers who are certified in Reading Recovery, a nationally-recognized, intensively-focused reading program to aid students who are having difficulty with reading.  This program has proven extremely effective. 


Our dedicated computer teacher, Shelli Burks, researches “Best Practices” to enhance student learning to its fullest. Sam Adams Elementary School is pioneering in its implementation of technology to facilitate the learning environment.  Many cutting-edge tools are utilized, including Chromebooks, I-Pads, Neo 2 Boards, 12 sets of Prometheus Clickers, two stationary computer labs, and two traveling computer labs of Dell computers.  All children will have the opportunity to work with this technology through a variety of programs that Sam Adams Elementary offers.  

Testing Programs

We have a variety of programs that utilize our state of the art technology resources to enhance student learning.  These include:

M-STEP-  State mandated testing for third thru sixth grades

NWEA-  (Look up) National Test for grades kindergarten thru sixth grade

Delta Math-  Utilized for Title I and 31a testing support.

Accelerated Math Live & Math in a Flash- Personalize instruction for every student. This program creates individualized practice assignments and tests at each student’s level, allowing teachers to keep every student motivated and challenged.

Accelerated Reading-  Leveled-based reading comprehension assessment


The safety of our students is our first priority.  Sam Adams Elementary has 40 cameras installed in and out of the building for 24-hour surveillance.  The building is also secured throughout the school day for your child's safety.